About IIES

About Us - History

A Journey of Cross- overs and Overcoming Odds

It was the summer of 1959; when twenty-two eager young students first entered the new Indian School Kuwait. The vision of nine dynamic Indian pioneers, the first Indian school in Kuwait began operations in the suburb of Nugra. The school started with an overarching belief by the founders that the school should serve as a centre of learning and a bastion for the Indian community in Kuwait. After five decades of existence, the school has managed to maintain its quality in offering students an all-encompassing, holistic and innovative educational experience.

What started from a small building in Nugra has grown to become four large campuses—three in Salmiya and one in Khaitan — with a collective strength of 8000 students and a teaching and support staff of 650. The school, once known as Indian School Kuwait (ISK), changed its name to Indian Community School Kuwait (ICSK), after the invasion, in 2001, to better reflect its origins as an Indian community endeavour. Today, this spirit of community service continues through the school’s Board of Trustees, who ensure it imparts excellence in all aspects of education.

A new chapter has now opened for ICSK in partnership with the owner Mr. Essa. They are proud to now pave the way towards providing an international curriculum through the establishment of the Innova International English School (IIES). IIES will operate with a curriculum for early years to IGCSE level. The school will cater to a new target audience with a larger community. This will include students and parents from both local and expatriate families. Continuing with the same motto for the last 60 years, the new school shall provide an environment that gives value for money with high quality education.


Why Choose Innova International English School

IIES builds upon the long history Kuwait has of providing quality education and maintaining valued traditions. The new campus has been carefully designed to be fit for purpose for a young millennium. The school has integrated the latest state of the art technology within classrooms to promote and enhance learning. Additionally full consideration has been given to provide a holistic experience for any child’s who is part of the IIES community. Careful investment has been made to ensure up to date physical resources and facilities are on hand to ensure a wide range of creative artistic, and sporting co-curricular activities are offered to our students. The institution has undergone a rigorous series of inspections ensuring it fully satisfies ands exceeds the latest building, health, and safety requirements.

The school stimulates our students to:

The school provides a welcoming and uplifting approach to learning where both children and staff walk through the entrance with smiles both at the start and the end of the day. Critically this will be happen within a unique timetable that offers a fresh look that sees time as a valued resource to be used imaginatively, rather than as a constraining influence that restricts learning.

IIES is the first of its kind in the region. Our philosophy behind the learning that happens within the school ensures that the curriculum and modes of learning adopted strive to ignite students inherent curiosities and natural interest in the world around them. This is within a framework that is thoughtfully constructed by equally curious and passionate educators. The school strives to use technology in a harmonious and mutually beneficial manner with the students. The school harnesses the desires and capabilities of the students to use new technology with the opportunities it provides for exploration and differentiated learning. Innovation is at the heart of the school and its name. Part our mission and forward looking approach to technology is the use of robotics to engage students and enhance further their enjoyment in learning. Integral members of our school community which our children passionately love and value are our robot characters that support and assist their day to day growth and development.

Our Early Childhood Programme combines free play and guided play to encourage active involvement and participation. Our children learn by "doing".

The curriculum of KS1 and KS2 contains essential elements including knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes, and action to prepare our students for the intellectual challenges.

The language of instruction is English and students of different nationalities benefit from English as an Additional Language (EAL) Programme. Students with little knowledge of English will also be able to access the curriculum as quickly as possible through the extra support provided for them. Our well-qualified, experienced and enthusiastic teachers encourage and work alongside our students to become independent learners as well as to prepare them for the challenges of the future.