Co- curricular Activities at IIES

IIES offers incredible opportunities as co-curricular activities after school or early morning.
The emphasis on a broad extracurricular programme throughout the school is based on the belief that individuals thrive in an environment in which their abilities and talents are recognized and nurtured. Our co-curricular programme provides opportunities for every student. We want our students to develop their own passions and interests and to achieve the very best they can in their chosen ones.

The co-curricular programme is a vital part of any child's education. Activities outside the classroom enhance learning and allow pupils to develop different, hidden skills.

Parents and the community / Parent Workshops

IIES strives to work together with our families to benefit the healthy growth and successful education of their children.

We encourage parents to participate in their children's school life by interacting with teachers on a regular basis as well as being involved in the wider school community, charities and the school itself.
Academically the role of parents is essential to ensure the very best education for their children. Parents should understand the various aspects of the curriculum. Parents are role models, outside of school and at home and the importance of this cannot be understated. This heavily influences children’s behaviour, development and values. By simultaneous and ongoing cooperation with the school and its teachers, parents can help to reinforce greatly what their children learn.

Teachers, alongside parent volunteers, run a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) that facilitates ways in which parents can become involved in their children’s education.

Additionally the school and PTA partnership will:

  • Maintain contact and exchange information between the school and the parents
  • Encourage parents to participate in school life, community and charity events
  • Provide parents with information about the children’s education and the conditions of education
  • Enable parents to learn more about pedagogical work and to support the improvement of the educational conditions
  • Give advice how to improve children's learning process
  • Enable collaboration to solve problems commonly and effectively
  • Help to better understand parental views and needs
  • Ensure parents to provide school with regular feedback
  • Become an indispensable link in school life and in the successful education of the students